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GEBKIM Foundation

The purpose of the foundation of GEBKIM Education Foundation is to have a progressive, balanced and healthy personality that is needed by the Turkish chemical industry and is also committed to the principles and reforms of Atatürk. In addition, it is to educate productive, constructive and creative individuals who have the power of free and scientific thinking, Broad world view, respect human rights and have a responsibility towards society and to contribute towards the development of both our chemical industry and our country and to take its place at international level.

It is to say that in this respect, to carry out activities for the unity of the sector organizations established in the chemical sector and to advance the sector further, to carry out joint projects of the chemical and sub-industry, to carry out all kinds of work, training and international areas, to contribute to vocational training and to engage in all kinds of social activities.

Message From The President

The aim of the GEBKİM Education Foundation was to establish a progressive, balanced and healthy personality that was developed by the Turkish Chemical Industry and at the same time adhered to the principles of Atatürk’s Revolution and Principles. is to raise productive, constructive and creative individuals who are responsible to society and to contribute to the development of both the Chemical Industry and our country and to take the place it deserves at the international level.

Gebkim M.T.A.L.

GEBKİM Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School started its activities in 2019-2020 academic year by offering its students various social facilities such as 20 classrooms, 8 chemical technology and 4 industrial automation, 12 chemical laboratories, library, cafeteria and sports hall. We are working to educate honest, ethical and responsible individuals who are self-developed, producing contemporary, giving momentum to the environment as they produce, with the expert teachers in the field and in the qualifications required by the Turkish chemical industry.

In addition, there are 8 chemical laboratories in the fields of Quantitative Analysis and Inorganic Chemistry, Basic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Industrial Quantitative Analysis, Process Control, Petrochemical Processes and Drug Production In the 2020-2021 academic year, Micro Controllers, Sequential Control, Hydraulic Pneumatic and Basic Mechanical laboratories will be active in the field of Industrial Automation.

Gebkim M.T.A.L.

GEBKIM Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

Gebkim OSB

GEBKIM Foundation is advancing its aims and objectives with the power of GEBKIM, the first and only chemical specialized organized industrial zone in Turkey. With this power, GEBKIM vocational and technical Anatolian high school can provide various opportunities and advantages to its students in the chemistry sector.

GEBKIM Kocaeli – Gebze V (chemistry) Specialization Organized Industrial Zone was initiated with the aim of structuring industrialization in an orderly and healthy way based on the principle that industrialization should be harmonized in the context of” Urban-Human-Environment” and the philosophy of” Livable Environment and Sustainable Development”.

Gebkim OSB

GEBKIM Kocaeli – Gebze V (chemistry) Specialized OIZ