Gebkim M.T.A.L.

The purpose of the foundation of GEBKIM Education Foundation is to have a progressive, balanced and healthy personality that is needed by the Turkish chemical industry and is also committed to the principles and reforms of Atatürk. In addition, it is to educate productive, constructive and creative individuals who have the power of free and scientific thinking, Broad world view, respect human rights and have a responsibility towards society and to contribute towards the development of both our chemical industry and our country and to take its place at international level.

It is to say that in this respect, to carry out activities for the unity of the sector organizations established in the chemical sector and to advance the sector further, to carry out joint projects of the chemical and sub-industry, to carry out all kinds of work, training and international areas, to contribute to vocational training and to engage in all kinds of social activities.







A Completely Renovated School

GEBKIM M.T.A.L.prior to the start of the 2018-2019 academic year; the main building with classrooms was renovated from with a laboratory building, workshop building and schoolyard.

Modern Interior Architecture

GEBKIM M.T.A.L. during the renovation, modern environments were tried to be provided for students to enjoy.

Advanced Laboratories

GEBKIM M.T.A.L.with its complete chemistry equipment and 12 laboratories, students learn chemistry through experience,

Applied Education

GEBKIM M.T.A.L. the students get the chance to start their working life as experienced by having a real production facility experience during their further student years in the established workshops.

Internship and Job Guarantee

GEBKIM M.T.A.L.thanks to the structure of our school, which is intertwined with the industry, our senior students have the opportunity to do an internship and work after graduation within GEBKIM OIZ.

Social Life

GEBKIM M.T.A.L. students receive various trainings from reputable educational institutions that will support their achievements in social life as well as their achievements in the business world. In addition, social skills are enhanced through Club Activities and activities both inside and outside the school.